Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Busted out the Cardio DVD

I saw a week or so ago that someone else had busted out their cardio video that had not been out of the wrapper. Well last night I broke my video out of the wrapper. Yes I have had this video since December. It is the Biggest Loser - Cardio Max video. I must say I feel pretty good today, although is still early.

I am not trying to plan but I sure hope today after work I can get in a couple miles.

Anyone have any big plans for Mothers Day?

Gotta run for now...not really it is just time for breakfast.


  1. mothers day = 10 mile run :D

  2. Well at least you unwrapped it, it's never too late to do that.

    I don't have children so no Mother's day for me. I do have to visit my own Mom and my mother in law and I hate that kind of obligations. I'd rather go when I want to and not when I have to.

  3. The first step is unwrapping the video...enjoy!