Monday, April 12, 2010

Hitting to the Streets

Yesterday was another day off. I ate too much for brunch! I should have ran but felt very bloated. Yuck!!

It was still a good day? I purchased a new sports bra...the Venus by Moving Comfort. Dick's sporting goods had them on sale. I love a sale. I also purchased some 10 pound weights.

Today is Monday, I got home from work and did a few things around the house. Tonight was the night I was going to try run the streets and I was excited. I wish I would have waited until just a little later in the evening to attempt this, I probably would have done better. But oh well! The run started out fine. I was really concentrating on not running to fast and my breathing. The first probably 1/4 mile was good and then there was the dreaded hill (like everyone talks about) it wasn't a very steep hill and I was used to walking it. I struggled. I pulled through and decided that if I made it a few more blocks that I could walk the next hill that was in my way. I made those blocks and then walked 2 blocks. I began running again and only walked when I was waiting for a car to pull out of the grocery store parking lot and when I was waiting for the stop light to change. All in all not to bad??? I am using Run Keeper on my iphone to track my runs. I don't like it very well. It doesn't seem to track very well. The first part of my run did not track. The second part of my run was .93 miles with a pace of 9.44 also during my this part of my run I did not listen to any music. I just concentrated on running. I love my new sports bra and the new shoes seem to be doing a great job as well.

Somewhere during my run, my right hip slipped out of place. It doesn't feel very well. Guess I will be heading to the chiropractor on Wednesday. I wish they were open on Tuesday's.

Tomorrow I will try to get in a couple miles on the treadmill. My daughter has a track meet. I will probably be watching more running than running for me tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. you should try foam rolling for that hip. i hope it gets back in place soon.

    have a great week too.

  2. Good job getting out there! I am also a relative newbie...I have my first ever race, a 10K, at the beginning of May and my first half-marathon at the end of May. Keep on running and I look forward to cheering you on to your own first race :)

  3. Great run outside, sorry about your hip. Hope it's not too serious.

  4. Keep up the great work...I definately see a half marathon in your future if you keep up with your determination!!